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At Utility Source we offer a pre-development review of your land purchase.  This review can be carried out as a desktop exercise or inclusive of a site visit and is designed to identify utility related considerations to help protect the investment of our customers.

We prefer to carry out this exercise prior to purchase to set expectations and to support the collation of budgets however the piece of work can be completed at any point during the project.

Feedback highlights that this exercise can be a critical tool to support an informed decision on a land purchase, feasibility of the build and of course that all important land price.



Whether the development is a demolition project or a new build, it is essential that the position of the utility infrastructure is identified before you excavate.  We can investigate this on your behalf and notify you of the utilities present and the anticipated position.

To understand the commercial impact of the disconnection or diversion of existing utility infrastructure these searches are essential.  More importantly, being furnished with existing infrastructure plans will support your safe-digging practices.




Utility Source successfully supports businesses to achieve accreditation to the Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS) and the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) at project management level. 

This service includes a comprehensive review of an organisations internal procedures and advice on refining them within an Integrated Management System to achieve the accreditation criteria.



With our network of contacts and industry knowledge we have the facility to prepare utility packages for our clients.  We specialise in gas, water and electric infrastructure and have a significant understanding of the principle of Competition in Connections. 


We also have contractor partners who will install fibre and drainage.

We will explain the process at the point of contact and will confirm any quotation costs and the associated timescales to support your understanding of what we do.



Over many years, our team has accumulated considerable experience when coordinating utility projects.  We can facilitate the quotation and acceptance process, work with the third parties to schedule the works, attend site meetings and have a presence to manage your expectations at site level.

Again, our site experiences enable us to identify issues and barriers before they happen thus supporting our clients to experience a smooth and informative journey.



Partnerships with other industry specialists enable us to support your new energy procurement.

We can arrange a commercial electricity or gas contract and offer the on-going management of the contract with the chosen supplier.

We offer a single point of contact for you and we monitor the market on a daily basis.  More importantly we are there to support you for the term of the contract.

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