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Utility Source was launched in early 2018 with a specific focus on educating customers about the complex nature of the utilities process. 

Whilst we acknowledge that a customer’s journey can be problematic when trying to supply a new property with gas, water and electric, we also understand that the complex process can be simplified by introducing effective communications and by setting the correct expectations.


At Utility Source our advisors are experienced industry specialists who have many years of experience of navigating the industry, policies, processes and people within it.  We believe that sharing this experience with our customers will improve their journey and positively influence on their development sites.


Our industry background and knowledge combined with the network of professionals which we have immersed ourselves in over many years enables us to produce the best possible utilities proposition with a unique delivery experience. 


The key to our success is our resilience and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve your success.

Core Values

Reputation, Resilience, Know-How & Success

Our Awards

Sheffield Launchpad Awards

Rising Star Business of the Year 2019

Inspiring Achiever of the Year 2019


Read the press release here

SME Energy and Power Award

Best For New Build Utility Connectivity Consultancy 2019


Read the press release here

Dean Pattison

Founder of Utility Source

My introduction to the utilities industry was in 2002 when I secured an agency role within a subsidiary of National Grid.

Over a 15 year period I performed many roles, working through the grading system up to the level of Senior Manager. I gained valuable experience in gas design, operations and training during my employment.

In the latter years of my tenure I headed up a multi-utility team gaining valuable experience in alternative utility products and laying foundations for a long term multi-utility provision.

In 2014 I took a decision to move on to broaden my horizons within a small utility consultancy. My role quickly developed and I took on the role of Service Delivery Director, heading up the delivery provision.

The role provided me with further opportunity to develop my own skill and experience, particularly in areas such as business planning and strategy.

After three and a half years I reached a crossroads and made the decision to move on. Initially, my intention was to pursue a role elsewhere in the industry however after many sleepless nights I made the decision to try and build something of my own.

Subsequently, Utility Source was created in January 2018.  My intention was to create an organisation which doesn’t just preach the principles of customer service but one which practices those principles. This intention is being realised on a daily basis.

My team and I are dedicated to providing the most efficient and informative service possible. It is important to us that we are provided the opportunity to help educate our customer on the methods required to navigate a complex industry process!

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