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A conversion from the vault......literally!

Property investment offers endless opportunity and in this case it presented Utility Source with an opportunity to support the conversion of a historical building into a vibrant mixed use development.

The old HSBC Bank which is situated in the Woodseats area of Sheffield had been closed for some time when it was purchased by a property investment company with a view creating a new retail space and four new domestic dwellings.

The building has a rich history, once belonging to the Sheffield and Hallamshire Bank which was one of the last independent provincial banks in England prior to its amalgamation with the Midland Bank in 1913. The Woodseats branch actually dates back to 1906 and it had a vital role in the business and industrial life of Victorian England. An endearing feature is the large vault which sits in the core of the building where the bank used to print its own bank notes for distribution in the Sheffield area. Another nice feature of the buildings history is the original street plate which sits outside the old front door, another indicator of the ownership of Sheffield and Hallamshire Bank.

Our involvement started with a simple task (or so we thought). The building already had a live gas service which was to be retained to feed the new retail space however following several discussions with Cadent Gas and the implementation of first of the Covid-19 lockdowns, the supply was subject to a mandatory disconnection due to the time that the building has stood empty. We ensured that this was corrected the following day and the supply was restored. A meter was installed before we turned our attention to to the installation of new infrastructure.

Before the scaffold was erected, we utilised our contractor relationships to ensure that the new gas and electric mains and services were fully installed. We also advised the builder to install the new 25mm water pipework between the building and the boundary so that we could arrange the manifold connection without being in the proximity of the scaffold. The water installation was completed under a road closure shortly after the building works had started.

The electric installation came with its challenges. The proposal from the electric network was to install a new main over a considerable distance which we didn't believe was necessary. Our challenges ensured that the system was remodelled to be taken from a much closer, passing main. This enabled us to facilitate a significant refund for our customer.

The conversion is now at an advanced stage and we look forward to seeing it with a new lease of life.

For more information on how we can support your conversion project please contact us on 01709 763237. You can bank on us!

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