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BNI Business Networking

Utility Source now has representation at the newly formed Synergy BNI Networking Group which is based at the Holiday Inn at Barnsley.

The group which focuses on a 'Giver's Gain' principal is growing steadily and referrals are starting to develop for many of our members.

When asked about BNI, Dean Pattison said 'When I first looked at BNI I had my reservations. It seemed to be a large investment for something that I wasn't sure would work. I changed my mind when I met the group, the members are enthusiastic and dynamic and I'm yet to encounter someone trying to sell something to me. We continue to invite people along as guests and have received great feedback, particularly from those who have also decided to join us'.

If you are interested in learning more about BNI or would like to come along to meet new contacts, please contact us on

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