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Completion - Ann's Hairdressers Conversion

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We take pride in being part of the local business community and were pleased to have been introduced to a local property investor who had purchased the old Ann's Hairdressers building in Goldthorpe, Barnsley.

Plans had been drawn up to renovate the retail premises, which is just 3 miles from our office, and to develop the remaining space into three new flats.

Our role on this development was to coordinate the installation of new electric supplies so that each flat had its own meter and enabling each tenant to be responsible for their own energy bills. Because the development had become a building of multiple occupancy, a new multi-service distribution unit was installed and energised and the existing electric supply was disconnected.

Additionally, we arranged the visit of Yorkshire Water to install three new water services so that each flat and the retail premises had an independent water supply and meter.

The electric meters were arranged by the investor however the meter for the retail premises could not be installed until Christmas Eve. We got on well with the builder and understood that he was from Birmingham and being full of the spirit of Christmas we offered to take the keys and open up for the meter installer so that the investor and the builder didn't have to travel.

After the Christmas period, when the builder returned to site, it was identified that one of the new water services was leaking. We had to engage Yorkshire Water quickly ensuring that they sent a team back to site to identify and correct the problem. This was achieved within the week.

We were recently invited back to the development for the grand unveiling of one of the flats, just before the first tenant moved in. The place looks great and the finish is superb.

The build was completed by HT Property Solutions Ltd and the property can be seen on Rightmove:

Contact us on 01709 931297 for more details.

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