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Completion at the Anchor!

Updated: May 25, 2020

The Anchor Inn, Eastgate, Worksop

We are proud to have been a key part of a superb conversion project in the Eastgate area of Worksop.

The former Anchor Inn was an old public house which had been closed and was run down to the point that it could no longer operate. The pub was purchased by a property investor who pursued planning permission to convert the building into eight new flats.

The development started in early 2020 at which point Utility Source was engaged to advise on and coordinate the installation of water and electric infrastructure which is fit for purpose for such a development.

The electric installation consisted on a new main, entering the building and terminating at a ten way distribution unit, a Building Network Operator (BNO) arrangement. Each flat was provided with a new supply and a landlords supply was installed to provide lighting to the communal areas. We also coordinated the shipper agreements and the meter installations for each supply.

A new water main was also installed and terminated at a manifold in the footpath just outside the property.

During the period of utility works, we encountered several challenges where we liaised with the investor and the developer to ensure that barriers could be challenged and managed to support progress throughout the build.

The biggest challenge on this project was undoubtedly the Covid-19 pandemic which impacted on scheduled installation dates for the water and electric metering. Additionally, when exposing the water main, it was proven that the pressure was not adequate to feed the development. These kinds of challenges always impact on a build programme and it is our role to support our customer by finding the most appropriate solution.

We have enjoyed the project and look forward to building on our relationship with the project team and the investor.

"One of the most satisfying parts of my job is to see a building which needs some real care and attention, transform into something special. This development is a little gem! The building is now a stand out feature on the street and is finished to a high specification. We are proud to have been involved"

Dean Pattison (Utility Source)

"Utility Source are very good and it takes a load off my plate using them to help. You see this property stuff has very little to do with the buildings - its all about the people"

Paul Hastings (Property Investor)

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