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Completion - KFC Bolton

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Sometimes, things surprise us! In this case, the sheer pace of the KFC development on Bury Road in Bolton was an experience which we were not anticipating.

One minute we visited site to see a steel frame and a week or two later there was the completed shell of the new restaurant.

We had been preparing our works for some time and we coordinated the attendance of Electricity North West to ensure that a new electric supply was installed into the plant room. We encountered several issues with the installation of a new water supply when it was discovered that the installation was not quite what we had ordered but several telephone calls, site visits and a great deal of collaboration with the customer enabled barriers to be removed and the service to be completed correctly. Resilience is part of our identity!

Finally, we coordinated the BT Openreach process to ensure that the ducts were laid correctly and that the connections work was completed prior to the grand opening.

Working for organisations which are service providers for these major brands is a huge opportunity for Utility Source! We didn't manage to get any free chicken but we are already preparing the next one!

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