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Consultancy Services

When Utility Source was created we placed a significant emphasis on imagining ourselves in the shoes of our customers to understand their journey through the minefield of the utility market. By coupling the experiences of our customers with those of our own, we have developed a number of services which are designed to educate our clients, sharing information about the complex processes and timescales which have so often offered them frustration.

One of our most successful services is the 'Utility Survey'. Our surveys are unique in that they can be as basic as demonstrating the position of the surrounding utility infrastructure or as in-depth as visiting site and highlighting factors which may cause the client time and cost. You tell us what you need and we will create something bespoke to your development.

When completing these surveys we offer a report which is accompanied by plans which we obtain from the statutory organisations that own the infrastructure in the vicinity of the site. The information can be used to support safe digging practices or even to support commercial discussions when purchasing land!

Whilst we prefer to compile such reports prior to a land deal, the survey can of course be carried out at any point during the project. We advise you to contact us early as it can be the difference between knowing the budget or breaking the budget!

Contact us for further details.

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