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Looking Back.....Remo's

Remo's is a brilliant bistro and wine bar situated in the Broomhill area of Sheffield. All of our work at this venue took place during the first lockdown and we didn't have the opportunity to share and celebrate its success.

The bistro had been open for several years however the owners had plans for expansion which included the installation of a new kitchen, suitable for accommodating a larger customer base.

When the team at Remo's approached us we agreed to coordinate the installation of a new gas service and the required meter, entering the building and terminating in the kitchen which was located in the basement.

Our contractor for this project was National Grid Metering who provided a positive service from the initiation of our proposal, right through to the commissioning of the meter.

Unfortunately, when we had finished our works the restaurant was still closed to comply with government guidelines however we understand that it is currently thriving and we hope to return for a glass of wine or two very shortly!

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