• Dean Pattison

News from the Source.....Progress in Brighton

The new student accommodation project on Hollingdean Road, Brighton is one of our largest projects to date. Through a repeat customer we were engaged in a consultancy role to provide several pieces of utility guidance prior to a spade being placed in the ground.

Our role progressed to that of a coordinator as we arranged and delivered gas, water and electric disconnections to eight domestic properties and two commercial plots which were to be demolished in preparation for the laying of new foundations.

Previously, the site consisted of the houses, an office building and a mechanics garage, all of which have now made way for progress.

We also arranged for a new temporary electric supply to be installed. The supply in question had to be large enough to operate the crane which is to be in place for the duration of the build programme. We arranged the supply contract and had the meter installed shortly afterwards.

The works carried out have been challenging to say the least. Hollingdean Road is a very busy thoroughfare and Brighton appears to be thriving in its construction of new buildings so achieving a road opening notice with the council is always a test.

The transformation of the building is dramatic and we haven't yet stepped away. The building consists of 99 units therefore the power demand will be significant. We are responsible for the coordination of a new substation installation and we anticipate that this will be delivered in the coming weeks.

We also have responsibility for the installation of a new water service to feed the units and the fire protection system which will happen a little later down the line.

The site is limited in space during this period of construction but we are planning forward for the excavations, installation of pipework and ducting and of course the installation work.

We cannot wait for the invite to the grand opening!