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Problem Solvers - Harworth House

Sometimes, investors and developers need someone to come along to assess an issue and provide a solution. This is exactly what happened at Harworth House, a new apartment block in Harworth, Doncaster.

Following the conversion of an old serviced office block into apartments, the investor identified that there were some issues around the building with water pressure. He needed a solution as each of the 94 apartments were occupied.

We completed a survey of the existing water pipework and found that a small service was feeding a water tank and that the tank was not backfilling fast enough at certain periods of the day.

Our recommendation was to upsize the pipework to 63mm to enable a larger flow into the water tank which would maintain the water pressure around the building.

We have a suite of trusted contractors who always go the extra mile to support us and in this case we liaised with Hydro Utility Solutions, a WIRS accredited water installation contractor and our good friends over at Build 4 U who had a team on hand to complete the necessary groundworks. We also had to engage Severn Trent Water to ensure that we had the approved connection point.

The project included the excavation and reinstatement of almost 200 metres through a grass verge and a car park to enable Hydro to lay a 63mm pipe along the route and into a stairwell where the clients plumber would pick it up and extend it into the water tank. This included some fusion welding on a wintery Saturday morning in the sleet and snow before the pipework was tested and chlorinated to be in compliance with Severn Trent's requirements.

Shortly afterwards, the pipework was connected in the highway by Severn Trent and the solution was realised.

We are currently responsible for a second project on this site so keep your eyes peeled to see more of our team solving problems.

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