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Property Investment Tips.....Gas disconnection process

Gas Disconnections

We are seeing a trend with property conversions where gas is starting to be eliminated from the new energy arrangements. This generally means that we are engaged to coordinate a gas disconnection for some investors with the new appliances being powered with electricity or green products.

Did you know that there are several parties required to complete a gas disconnection?

Step One

An investor must arrange for a Gas Safe plumber to safely disconnect the outlet pipework from the gas meter. They then purge the pipework to remove any gas standing in the pipework.

Step Two

The investors arranges for an energy supplier to send an engineer from the meter operator to remove the gas meter from site. A plumber shouldn’t remove the meter as it doesn’t belong to them.

Step Three

A qualified organisation such as Cadent Gas, Northern Gas Networks or Southern Gas Networks attends to excavate where the gas service connects to the main. It is then isolated at that point. There are also independent contractors which have the appropriate accreditations to complete gas disconnections.

Please note that when the disconnection has been completed, a disconnection certificate should be issued for the records at site.

Contact Utility Source on 01709 931297 to discuss your gas disconnection requirements.

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