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Property Investment Tips - Utility Metering

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Utility Metering

When building new properties or converting an existing property into living space, you will at some point need to request the installation of new gas and electric meters.

For this to happen, you must first select an energy supplier. There are several energy suppliers to choose from but when you make contact they will all ask you for some key information:

Meter Point Administration Number – This is the unique reference number allocated to the electric meter point at a specific address. It is commonly known as the MPAN.

Meter Point Reference Number – This is the unique reference number allocated to the gas meter point at a specific address. It is commonly known as the MPRN.

Whether you are arranging for a meter to be installed or you are simply trying to change supplier, you will need to be aware of these numbers.

Where to find MPAN or MPRN numbers

If your development is new and these are new meter points, your installer will be able to provide these numbers for you.

A yellow label should be left at the meter point to confirm the meter point numbers.

If you are developing an existing property and you have received a gas or electric bill, the MPAN/MPRN is also captured on the bill.

If you cannot locate the necessary numbers, the last resort is to contact the network owner ie UK Power Networks, Western Power, Southern Gas Networks, Cadent Gas etc

A water meter is normally installed at the same time as a new water supply rather than being something which is requested in isolation. Occasionally, if the development is a block of flats where a bulk meter has been installed at the boundary, the water network owner will either attend site to install meters inside the flats or they will deliver the meters for the customers plumber to install.


Our advice when requesting new meters is to confirm the energisation dates from your electric or gas installer in the first instance. You will need to work backwards from these dates to ensure that you can arrange for meters to be installed in sequence. The meters must be fitted after the new supplies are energised.

It generally takes around ten working days for the energy supplier to register the meter point numbers on a dual fuel installation and a further ten working days to have your meters installed.

Don’t arrange for the meters to be installed on the same day of the energisation, the meter installer will have several jobs in their diary and they wont wait around for the services to be energised.

Make sure that you have provided your installer with the correct postal addresses before they start work. If the address which you present to the energy supplier is different to that registered on the National database, you will experience delays whilst the data is corrected.

Utility Source

Domestic metering is a service which we offer to investors and developers via our domestic metering partner Impact Metering. We have agreements in place with several energy suppliers to enable a choice for our customers.

It is no secret that the energy market continues to experience an extremely volatile period with high energy prices impacting negatively on smaller energy suppliers. Many of the smaller suppliers have either stopped trading or have stopped taking on new clients to protect their businesses.

We work closely with Impact Metering to ensure that we can provide a solution for each project, after all, there is no point installing new infrastructure if the investor cannot utilise it!

Contact us on 01709 931297 for further detail.

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