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Services at the Seaside - Our input on a property development in Scarborough!

The Yorkshire Coast is known as an area of scenic beauty. Traditional seaside towns, the smell of the fish & chip shop and the odd over sized seagull keeping a beady eye on your sugar coated doughnuts!

Step back a street or two and you start to uncover building structures of significant character and potential. This particular building is huge, covers three storeys and is under renovation to be converted into a new HMO with an additional three flats.

We love a before and after picture and our photos show a dated view of the property. It hasn't been looked after but the new plans indicate brilliant improvements and changes which will contribute to new and vibrant living space. Property investment in these grand old buildings is thriving and we couldn't be happier to be a part of the team.

What is our involvement?

The old gas meter sat within the footprint of one of the new flats which will be serviced by an electric only solution so our first responsibility was to coordinate a gas disconnection, enabling the team at site to start the modifications.

We have since coordinated the installation of new electric supplies into the flats and the new water services are scheduled for installation. In the HMO itself, which will use a gas supply, we have coordinated a new installation where the meter has been located in a more suitable position.

We look forward to sharing the after pictures with you!

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