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Supporting a Local Business!

At Utility Source, our main focus is to provide guidance to developers who are either constructing a new development or converting an existing building. From time to time however, we receive other enquiries where we have the opportunity to support local business owners.

When we were recently contacted by the owner of Le Petit Cafe in Ecclesfield, we were informed that their associated water rates had increased from the consistent £150 per annum up to almost £800 per annum which would have a critical impact on their business. Our customer informed us that they had been liaising with Yorkshire Water but they simply couldn't achieve a resolution and needed some support..

Utility Source visited the cafe to review the footprint and the appliances being utilised before presenting a case demonstrating a more accurate representation of the actual water usage. The case was concluded with Yorkshire Water confirming that the usage of the cafe fell into the original price band and the bill was adjusted accordingly.

The owner of the cafe, Nikki Needham said 'Throughout the complaints process, Utility Source went above and beyond what was necessary, showing the upmost professionalism and determination to bring the complaint to an acceptable conclusion. The price increase was nothing more than a drop in the ocean to Yorkshire Water but to me it could have been the difference between continuing to trade and having to call it a day. I cannot thank Utility Source enough'.

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