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The Victoria Inn - Regeneration

Utility Source is proud to have been appointed as the utilities coordinator at the former Victoria Inn which is located in Staveley, Chesterfield.

The building is a well recognised landmark in the local area and is thought to have been constructed in the 1890's to provide accommodation to travellers using the local railway. Due to the historic and aesthetic value of the building it is currently on the councils draft list of heritage assets.

Sadly, like many public houses, it declined as a business and closed its doors several years ago and is now subject to a little tender loving care to regenerate the building into living space. The proposal is for the creation of nine new apartments and a separate four bedroom house and work is underway with the replacement of the roof.

Our responsibility includes the coordination of a new electric incomer which will terminate at a multi service distribution board. Ten new services will be installed to feed the apartments and a landlords supply dedicated to communal lighting. A single phase service will also be installed to feed the new house. As this installation represents a Building Network Operators arrangement, the existing three-phase service will need to be disconnected as the new service is made live.

The existing water service will be retained to feed the new house however nine new 25mm water services will be installed to enable connections for each of the apartments. Our final piece of work will be coordinating the installation of a gas service to feed the new house.

The project represents a new customer relationship, one which we hope to continue beyond the completion of our works.

'We work on quite a lot of new build projects which always provide an opportunity to have a small part in the development of a new landscape. I am also intrigued by historic buildings, especially those which have the charm, character and potential of the Victoria. I have driven past the building many times and often wondered what would happen to it and it has been exciting to see the plans develop into a blueprint for a new use and a new look' Dean Pattison (Director)

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