• Dean Pattison

Work Experience at Utility Source!

Today we welcomed Chantelle Morris to Utility Source on work experience.

Chantelle who studies at Wath Comprehensive School in Rotherham joined us to shadow the team and understand what we do. She put a lot of effort into the experience, undertaking a number of administrative duties throughout the day.

Managing Director, Dean Pattison said 'In a previous employment I used to run a comprehensive work experience programme for school children and college students and always appreciated the response when the students were made to feel part of the team. Developing young people is a passion of mine and I was pleased when we were contacted by Chantelle who wanted to come in and take a look at what our business is all about. We hope to see more students join us in future months so that we can pass on our experiences and hopefully have a tiny impact on their future careers. Well done Chantelle'.